Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breaking Up

I have found that breaking things can be very therapeutic, sometimes I even get a little lightheaded and giddy, especially if I can make something grand from the wreakage. Thats why I love to create mosaics. You can break old bathroom tiles, plates, teacups, crockery , stained glass, just about anything....and out of all those shattered pieces and glorious hammering, create something beautiful. Yes, to chip, break, and whack is devine!


julie king said...

this post made me laugh (in a good way!). breaking things sounds like so much fun and then wow! you make beautiful mosaics with the pieces!


so great!! makes me want to smash stuff.

Margins. said...

I agree! Breaking stuff is the best! Except, when you do it by accident. Then it is just annoying.

XUE said...

And then it's like magic cos you get to create all these beautiful work from those broken pieces!

Octavine Illustration said...

i too love mosaics. one of the most powerful mosaics i ever saw was in a new house recently built as the old had burned down. the mosaic consisted of broken dishes and other remnants of now burned up memories.

i love the idea of creating beauty out of that which is no longer. yours is simply gorgeous. wonderful job.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Did you make this? It's gorgeous!

And thanks for visiting my site and dropping some complimentary did you find me?

Robyn said...

Using old broken bits and pieces in my art gives me a huge thrill too. I love the mosaic you have created. There is so much movement in the piece and I get the distinct feeling of water.

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