Saturday, May 17, 2008

Queen Of The Hay

Spring has definitely blossomed in my hometown! The wild flowers this season are heavenly, orange California poppy's, purple lupine, and luscious sweet peas bloom wildly along the highways and foothills. And, like many of my fellow sufferers, my proboscis has gone into overdrive combating the pollens it sucks up like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. I've made friends, good friends, with my Viva paper snout prefers them to any other hanky hands down. I stare out the window and long to participate in that lovely world outside my glass barrier.....but that's not going to happen as long as there's that poison in the air! So,I decided it was a good time to make myself ....Queen Of The Hay....hay fever that is. I reached for the chicken wire, some lonely baubles, and my book about Marie Antoinette....she had a little trouble with her upper extremities too...hence her image on my newest creation. If I'm trapped indoors I might as well look regal doing it...maybe I'll eat cake too!


NimbusSisters said...

wow, peg! this is so cool! i love marie antoinette, though, i admit.

evansdaughter said...

You are so talented!! I really get a big kick out of reading your stuff...not to mention looking at all of your really marvelous creations...keep going, don't stop, not even to blow your nose!

Hedgewitch said...

hello! I love your work and your blog .. the earring shrines are such a wonderful idea.

sorry to hear of the hayfever.. I just did a blog post on how to make a salve, which would help your poor nose? Its good stuff!

nice to meet you :-)

missknits said...

wow soo cool! and great shop too! i'll definitly be back to check you out more! :)

Octavine Illustration said...

i find it so hard to be creative when i'm not feeling well...but you seem to have no problem at all.

feel better!~

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