Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blown Away

There should be a law against using a leaf blower before 10:00am, especially when you consider all that debris, blasted with a high decibel dirty wind, is headed for a new home... namely your own freshly SWEPT front yard. Isn't that why God made long handled poles with brushes on the business end!?...ahem... so that hopelessly lazy neighbors in rump sprung, ragged black elastic pants, Mickey Mouse T-shirts, green Croc's, and a bumper sticker that reads "peace begins at home".... could get some much needed exercise and QUIETLY straighten up the place? Besides..... that "I just slept for 10 hours" rested, satisfied, goggled face, is particularly annoying if you really want to know the truth. Don't they know that some people are sleep deprived and have family members up in the last frontier called Alaska, dodging bears, wolves, and mooses?! Young daughters, driving impossibly small autos, stopping to take photos of friendly grizzlies near the highway?... or husbands, on motorcycles, crashing into the tailgates of lunatic Texans braking unexpectedly to take their 300th snapshot of a Bear's butt!!? Geez people, where is your humanity, your compassion, your fashion sense, or in the name of all that's holy... your fuse box!? Having criminal thoughts against your neighbors is not a good beginning to your day. I wonder... is that pond deep enough to accommodate more than 2 pink flamingos or do I just throw the whole lot, body and blower, in the Green waste can and take my chances? Usually a six pack of Bud is enough to encourage the garbage guys to take a little bit more....I'm thinking a case of imported might do the trick...


susie said...

amen to those evil thoughts,sister!

Dorky Dad said...

If having criminal thoughts against a neighbor is a bad way to start the day, then I have a lot of really bad days. Stupid neighbors.

Jonah K. Haslap said...

Don't bribe, honey. Threaten. You might catch more flies with honey, but who wants a handful of freakin' flies??

Pumkin Head said...

I'm a bit frightened with myself....I had to use a leaf-blower just the other day...against my better judgement...in order to keep my 12/hr coming my way...

Robyn said...

LOL...I am with you on that, having a few neighbours who mow at 6.00 a.m.and cut down trees with electric saws. I have visions of what I would like to do with that saw and believe me they aren't pretty.

TheresaJ said...

10:00AM -- I'm envious!!! My neighbors of the last 15 years have a gardening service that shows up a little before 7:00AM EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. Not only ia the blower blasting, but they usually like to crush their aluminum cans in between our houses as that time as well. Just because they're an up-and-Adam family who gets their chores done by 8:00AM doesn't mean the rest of the neighborhood is. Some people are so self involved. UGH.....

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